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DIEP Flap Reconstruction Patient Letter

| August 27, 2015 August 2, 2023 | |

diep flap reconstruction patient letter Duct, duct… GOOSE

This is a letter from our patient Katie.

3 times a charm, right? Well, 3 times, a cancer diagnosis doesn’t feel very charming… You’d think I’d be prepared, but one never is when given the diagnosis of breast cancer, especially when you’ve got kids, a husband, a dog, and not to mention a life that needs to be lived. I mean, c’mon- give me a break! I was treated for Hodgkin’s Disease, not once but twice back in my late teens to the early ’20s.

Fast-forward 20 years, and here I was again, diagnosis: Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) in my right breast. I was very fortunate: it was stage zero! The hope was that this could be taken care of with a lumpectomy- no such luck. Of course, my ducts had to coil all over the place, so the margins were unclear from the lumpectomy.

After sitting down with my surgical oncologist to discuss my options, which were basically what kind of mastectomy did I want to go with, she referred me to this group of docs out of Columbus. I wasn’t sure what kind of surgery I would have, as there are so many breast reconstruction options. I wasn’t even sure I would go ahead with my appointment to see Dr. Kocak and Dr. Tiwari, but I figured I owed it to myself to explore all of my options my surgical oncologist spoke so highly of them.

Keeping this appointment proved to be the single smartest decision I’ve ever made. I sat in the waiting room at The Christ Hospital, thinking that I just wanted to walk out. I mean, I could live without boobs, right?! Then Dr. Kocak walked in. He explained the surgery in a caring manner, listened to my questions and concerns, and basically talked me off the ledge. I liked him instantly. He made me feel like I actually mattered. I knew I wanted this group to be in charge of my reconstruction.


photo credit: davidgreenspunmd.com

Although Dr. Kocak and Dr. Tiwari can perform and are experts in all types of breast reconstruction: implants, tram flap, DIEP flap, GAP flap, etc. I chose DIEP flap surgery. Their approach is unique and cutting edge as they are both in the OR operating simultaneously- a dual approach. DIEP flap reconstruction requires the skills of a microsurgeon. After researching and learning what microsurgery actually is, I truly felt that I was put into the hands of the surgical Gods. These doctors are brilliant, gifted, and simply amazing! I couldn’t be happier with their practice and with the results!

Thank you, Dr. Kocak and Dr. Tiwari, for giving me a perfect new normal that I know I would not have found anywhere else!

*Our blog entries are written in order to further educate our patients and raise awareness towards topics related to plastic surgery. Any solutions offered on this blog are intended to help possible patients develop educated decisions before undergoing a consultation with our doctors.

One thought on “DIEP Flap Reconstruction Patient Letter”

  • Deb

    Katie, Dr. T, Dr. K and Dr. K….these blogs are so helpful for me to prepare for my upcoming single mastectomy and DIEP…I particularly love this photo above to better understand! I have watched 2 YouTube videos showing actual surgery in other venues, but the drawing depicts the incision to the vessels that I was curious about. I also appreciated Katie’s “journey” description of being hit by the truck, minivan, then Prius! I am hoping for just a nudge from the Prius…