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Breast Augmentation Using Fat Transfer

Excellent natural results without the use of implants that still feel completely natural.

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Breast Reconstruction

We specialize in various breast reconstruction procedures ranging from tissue expander/implant reconstruction to perforator-vessel-based procedures such as the DIEP and GAP flaps.

The Breast Podcast Ever

Podcast episodes with Dr. Tiwari and Dr. Kocak, where they will go into an in-depth discussion regarding breast-related surgeries featuring special guests and so much more.

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Breast Implant
Associated Illness

For several years, we have seen an increase in the number of patients scheduling implant-related consultations. These are some of our previous clients who have had either cosmetic or reconstructive implant surgeries.

Body Contouring

Addresses the issue of unwanted body fat and excess skin following weight loss with body contouring procedures such as Liposuction and Tummy Tucks.

Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery

Complete confidence in oneself is often one of the primary goals for most people. Though the journey to achieve this consists of several elements, most people perceive aesthetic plastic surgery as the initial stepping stone to begin their path to conquer the everyday struggle of life.

We believe that every patient deserves an opportunity to live life as the best version of themselves. That’s why here at Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery, we are fully committed to helping our patients get one step closer to their goal by offering a full range of advanced reconstructive procedures and cosmetic surgery treatment options that will restore and enhance the appearance of their breast and body with excellent and natural-looking results.

Our clinics are a testament to this belief, with our doctors being able to perform over 200 DIEP flaps each year and highly knowledgeable on the current innovative breast reconstruction techniques to date, such as DIEP flap, SIEA flap, GAP flap, TUG flap, PAP flap, and autologous fat grafting, the dreams of our patients to achieve the perfect body is in good hands.

Accompanied by the latest state-of-the-start equipment, we carry out our plastic surgery practices in Springfield and Columbus, Ohio, which strengthens our dedication to providing quality reconstructive surgery and cosmetic procedure that can also cater to patients residing in the surrounding states of Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

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DIEP Flap surgery includes the extraction of fat, skin, and blood vessels from the lower belly to reconstruct and improve the appearance of the breast area.

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Relieve neck and back pain issues with breast reduction surgery, which involves the removal of excess fat tissue and skin from the breast to give you a more proportioned and natural-looking breast.

Body Contouring

Body Contouring

Explore your body contouring options and eliminate stubborn body fat and excess skin to achieve your desired body shape.

Lymphedema Treatment

Lymphedema Treatment

Rid yourself of the discomfort of Lymphedema and prevent further unwanted complications with our wide range of Lymphedema treatment options.

Explant Surgery

Explant Surgery

Consider what’s next for you following breast augmentation with our explant surgery options that can provide an appropriate treatment plan that fits your expectations.

High Risk (BRCA)

High Risk (BRCA)

We’ll help you understand your genetic makeup and guide you throughout the process of this life-changing decision.

Plastic Surgeons Ohio

Surgeons Who Specialize

Our Top Plastic Surgeons in Ohio

The initial step of any major procedure is ensuring that the doctor who will guide you through your whole journey has the necessary experience to carry out the treatment without the constant concern of encountering unwanted complications.

Here at Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery, our focus is guiding every patient every step of the way. That includes easing their initial concern of worrying if the doctor-in-charge can adequately perform the procedure. Our doctors, Dr. Ergun Kocak, Dr. Pankaj Tiwari, and Dr. Santosh Kale, are all accomplished medical professionals in their own right.

All doctors have completed their training in some of the world’s leading institutions specializing in advanced breast reconstruction techniques and are all recognized as a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, assuring that every patient who walks into our clinic experiences the best treatment plan available, including our multiple-surgeon approach which is designed to optimize your surgical course with the utmost efficiency while still producing amazing and natural-looking results.

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