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The gratitude I feel really cant be put into words - KG


Your hard work and dedication to my cause are very much appreciated especially in light of my difficult problem - CN


My doctors were great I was very nerves about my cosmetic surgery he made me feel very comfortable with him he called me my husband at home after hours and weekend he was wonderful very caring Great Dr caring loving and personable doctor Highly recommend - AN


Thank you for saving my life - JY


After 20 years I finally feel whole again The work you do is truly a blessing - BU


I am VERY happy with my results and feel very blessed to have you as my doctors MH


It gives me happiness to know that your kindness expertise enthusiasm and loving care will touch many more lives during your careers as you have definitely touched my life - JH


Youve made me feel whole again after I had lost my breast to breast cancer Youve truly done an amazing job of restoring what I had lost I'll NEVER forget you nor what you have done for me - IS


My doctors preformed implants for breast cancer on me They were awesome and did a great job - YM


I had a both breasts done with the DIEP flaps My doctors were amazing I am cancer free and I feel great - OU


My RESULTS are WOW My breasts look really natural and are the perfect size They look and feel totally natural I would highly recommend my doctors and suggest that people do not just take my word for it shop around and compare so you can see for yourself - SA


I love Dr Tiwari He has done an excellent job with my reconstruction I followed him from OSU to his new practice and after they get out all of the kinks everything at his new office will be good there too I'll be back for the finishing touches - A


Thank you so much Everyone has been so kind Maggie always has that warm and inviting smile Dr Kocak made me feel confident on my choices His bed side manner was comforting reassuring and most of all compassionate I was scared lonely and most of all lost I realize this is his job but for that short spell he made me feel I was the only patient in the hospital Dr Tiwari saw my fear before I did I feel I can get threw this No matter how short or long my visit is they always always go above and beyond to reassure and make sure I have all my questions answered and never ever rush me - RG


I'm now 7 weeks out from my capsulectomy and even though I had a few unexpected complications I dont regret it for one moment Dr T is an amazing doctor and he worked miracles considering what he started with Not only does it look better I feel so much better Thank you to Dr T and his amazing team I'm very happy with my results - TT


Dr Tiwari Ten months ago all I could think about was getting rid of the cancer cells You walked me through everything else I also had to think about and today I am not only cancer-free and normal looking but healthier and more fit thank in many years You and your team are amazing - truly gifts to so many of us Thank you See you next February - DP


Dr Tiwari Ten months ago all I could think about was getting rid of these cancer cells You walked me through everything else I also had to think about and today I am not only cancer-free and normal looking but healthier and more fit than in many years You and your team are amazing - truly gifts to so many of us Thank you


Dr Tiwari We are saying a big prayer of thanks to God for you your surgical skills It is so great that we found you In no way can chocolates repay you for your hard work yesterday but they are yummy sweet and just a small token of our appreciation Thank you so much for taking such great care of our friend


Dr Tiwari I wanted to take the time to thank you and your amazing staff for my explant surgery I truly feel that after almost 15 years of unexplainable health issues from heavy mental toxicity thyroid issues hormone issues not to mention fatigue brain fog - what you have given me my life back I am so truly appreciative and am so grateful for your expertise and helping me I also am thankful for your personalized approach with me during surgery Thank you so much and you will be expecting many referrals from me Thank you so much for being such a great surgeon - you truly care about your patients and their well being

A Testimonial from patient 267 that underwent procedure at Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery


Dear Dr Tiwari and Family I just wanted to say how grateful I am you were my doctor for explant surgery I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me after hours and answering all my questions And thank you Tiwari Family for the sacrifice you make every day so your husband and father can care for all of us It is truly a blessing and greatly appreciated Sincerely


I am 5 weeks post op today 2122019 so I am still healing and my body is trying to detox and rid itself of 12 years worth of having implants inside of it The biggest benefits so far is that I can breathe better now and I do not feel like something is pushing down on my chest I had chest pain always felt like something was pushing down on my heart and chest Taking nice clear breaths is now possible All the breast pain I had is gone I can wear a bra now I can bend over I could feel the implants inside of me moving around They were constantly causing me pain that became unbearable That is all gone now The pain was so bad I could not wear bras any longer or anything that was strapless top or dress I had trouble sleeping because of the pain I could not lay certain ways Even though I am still healing from the surgery all that pain is gone I have not noticed symptomatic improvement as of yet again I am only 5 weeks post op I am not one of the women that has just healed over nig

A Testimonial from patient 270 that underwent procedure at Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery


Dr Dr Kocak and Dr Tiwari Thank you for treating me with compassion and dignity during my recent DIEP surgery 5152019 Knowing that two highly skilled sets of hands were restoring me filled me with hope You both do so much for women in the community while sacrificing time from our own loved ones Thank you from my heart to yours

A Testimonial from patient 269 that underwent procedure at Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery


Dr Tiwari Thank you so much for putting up with all my emails You are one of the most caring and kind doctors Ive ever met It shows that you are very passionate about what you do


After being diagnosed with Breast Cancer for the third time I underwent a double mastectomy and unfortunately developed lymphedema in my arm This complication was due to the fact that I had 12-13 lymph nodes removed the second time I had breast cancer The swelling in my arm was so bad I was unable to reach very far or perform simple tasks at home This past April Dr Tiwari performed liposuction on the lymphedema in my arm removing nearly 840 CCs of fluid I cannot believe how much the swelling has decreased My pain discomfort and range of motion has all improved tremendously I am just so happy and recommend Dr Tiwari and the Midwest Breast team to everyone -BH

A Testimonial from patient 271 that underwent procedure at Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery


Dr Tiwari Thanks for being one of the good guys I pray God blesses you and your family for blessing others I know I will be sending other women with BII your way PS your staff rocks too

A Testimonial from patient 529 that underwent procedure at Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery


Dr Tiwari - So I researched for months interviewed 4 surgeons before I watched on of your on-line videos thought at the time the idea of traveling so far seemed extreme to have surgery after talking to you over the phone for the first time my mind was at east about all of it and I knew you were my guy You were the surgeon with the skill and confidence to provide the best care and outcome for what I required and what you thought to be best for my individual situation Thank You for taking the time you did to explain everything Your skill and finesse work directly impacted my life with your decision on the muscle repair and vertical scars one instead of two and beautiful flat closure I know I havent used my emails yet but please enjoy this little goodie bag from Bost

A Testimonial from patient 530 that underwent procedure at Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery


Dr Tiwari Thanks for the tip on using Cayenne Id love to have the literature on that because I'll put it on my blog May help someone else too

A Testimonial from patient 534 that underwent procedure at Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery


Hi Dr Kocak I just wanted to say thank you for putting this broken girl back together Youve always been so kind and patient with me - and always enjoy your sense of humor Thank you for coming to Marietta and taking great care of me You and Tiwari were the best - the staff still talks about that day I'm so grateful for you allowing me to be in network for my other surgeries - I dont even have a financial burden with all of this - and I dont look half bad to boot Thank you for all you guys do - your staff is great too Forever grateful - I'll miss you guys - MK


I had a preventative mastectomy and DIEP flap in January with a revision in May and I am COMPLETE I cannot thank the surgeons PAs and entire staff enough Their Unbelievable kindness and understanding made the process easier I wasnt sure if I was making the right decision but after one visit I knew I was exactly where I needed to be They answered every question honestly They always return calls and I knew I had access to them at all times throughout my recovery They made sure I was well informed and provided me the knowledge to heal My goal was to decrease my risk and have healthy breasts They far surpassed anything I could have imagined I would recommend Midwest without hesitation Thank you all I am grateful -EA

A Testimonial from patient 632 that underwent procedure at Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery


Dear Dr TowariThis letter is to thank you for all you did during my journey last year I wrote several times but it never seemed adequate When I consulted with you and Dr Kocak I knew I had made the right choice I had finally found the perfect surgeons for me Thank you for the listening being kind patient and understanding You took exceptional care for me while I was in Columbus I did a lot of research before I found your team and it was definitely worth the 750 mile trip to have you both as my surgeonsIn my 40 year career I have worked with many surgeons from world renowned surgeons at Johns Hopkins Hospital to small outpatient facilities you and Dr Kocak are the best of the best Your passion for your work shines through You bot

A Testimonial from patient 633 that underwent procedure at Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery


I had breast implants for over 14 years and was starting to have a lot of issues I chose Dr Tiwari at Midwest Breast and Aesthetic Surgery to perform a total enbloc Capsulectomy with a breast lift Dr Tiwari did a wonderful job He performed the surgery June 9 using the same scars from my previous surgery and actually made them thinner I am pleased with the results I am so relieved to have the implants removed from my body My shoulder and neck pain is gone and I am eager to see if my overall health improves Thank you Dr Tiwari and your staff for my carePam L

A Testimonial from patient 634 that underwent procedure at Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery


From the consultation to my after-surgery care Dr Kale and the team at Midwest Breast Aesthetic Surgery have been amazing I had a double mastectomy with immediate DIEP flap in 2020 During the initial consultation Dr Kale took the time to answer my questions and concerns This is such a personal decision and it is important to have a physician that is kind and takes the time to listen to you and your needs Dr Kale does just that From the start I have trusted him I couldnt be happier with the results I highly recommend the team at Midwest Breast Aesthetic Surgery to anyone considering breast reconstruction Excellence in care