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Flat Closure NOW inducted Dr. Tiwari in their Advisory Council

| November 6, 2019 August 2, 2023 | |

flat closure now logoIt is our great pleasure to announce that Flat Closure NOW has recently inducted Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery’s very own Dr. Pankaj Tiwari into their Advisory Council.

Flat Closure NOW, or FCN, is an organization dedicated to spreading the understanding that going flat, or the decision not to undergo any form of breast reconstruction, is a valid and beautiful option for breast cancer patients after mastectomy. The movement has recently gained traction as Midwest Breast & Aesthetic Surgery’s board-certified surgeons led a campaign that aimed to re-educate fellow doctors and plastic surgeons on the benefits of flat closure.

“One of the biggest hurdles of Flat Closure NOW is the common practice of leaving enough skin on the former breast area after mastectomy,” Dr. Tiwari explains. “This is usually to allow for future implants to be inserted, with or without patient consent. The widespread practice of this procedure has been called ‘flat denial’ by activists, patients, and doctors alike.”

Thanks to his dedication to flat closure patients, Dr. Pankaj Tiwari now has the honor of being on the Flat Closure NOW advisory council for the next year. As a member of this council, it is his duty to share his knowledge and opinions with any Flat Closure NOW member who requests it. This is a position Dr. Tiwari has wholeheartedly accepted.

“It is an honor to sit on the advisory council for Flat Closure NOW,” shares Dr. Tiwari. “Through organizations such as FCN, women now have access to more options. More than anything, this allows women to know that regardless of their decision, their bodies are equally inspiring and beautiful.”

For more information on Flat Closure NOW, please visit www.flatclosurenow.org.


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