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| April 18, 2023 | |

I am 5 weeks post op today 2122019 so I am still healing and my body is trying to detox and rid itself of 12 years worth of having implants inside of it The biggest benefits so far is that I can breathe better now and I do not feel like something is pushing down on my chest I had chest pain always felt like something was pushing down on my heart and chest Taking nice clear breaths is now possible All the breast pain I had is gone I can wear a bra now I can bend over I could feel the implants inside of me moving around They were constantly causing me pain that became unbearable That is all gone now The pain was so bad I could not wear bras any longer or anything that was strapless top or dress I had trouble sleeping because of the pain I could not lay certain ways Even though I am still healing from the surgery all that pain is gone I have not noticed symptomatic improvement as of yet again I am only 5 weeks post op I am not one of the women that has just healed over nig

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